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  • The book HUNGER celebrates five years and ten editions of HUNGER magazine, launched by the photographer Rankin and editor in 2011.The book HUNGER presents a journey through the editorial process, a look behind the scenes at key moments, editorials celebrity portraits,invisible images and film stills. 

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  • This extraordinary three-dimensional package of LIVE THE ART, is a suitable homage to Jeffrey Deitch’s legendary stature and influence as an art dealer and producer of memorable installations and art happenings that robustly transcended the idea of a mere “exhibition”

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  • For over a decade, Magnus Hastings has been photographing the world's greatest drag superstars. Featuring the likes of Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act, this collection is a beautiful celebration of drag as an art form and an exhilarating exploration of what drag means to its greatest artists

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  • Marking the first career spanning monograph of Terry Richardson‘s work, American publishing house Rizzoli has compiled over 20 years of imagery testifying his work’s influence over contemporary pop culture

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  • Lee Radziwill has been a mother, an actress, an interior design consultant, and a public relations executive for Giorgio Armani The younger sister of the late Jacqueline Onassis, Radziwill fell in love with Paris on her first trip to Europe, with her sister, in 1949. Today Radziwill leads a quiet life, dividing her time between New York City and Paris

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  • The most comprehensive book devoted to the incomparable and iconic work of Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi Kusama, now in her eighties, has become a vital force in contemporary art and an influence on generations of artists Height: 32cm

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  • Fashion photographer Rankin releases F*CK Y*U, a hardcover coffee table book of portraits taken himself of the most familiar and famous faces giving the finger. Heidi Klum, The Rolling Stones, Rihanna, Eva Green, Robert Downey Jr. and more are captured in Rankin’s controversial and iconic images across 325+ pages Dimensions: 25,5x33cm

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